BACKSPIN - Under-spin.

BAT - Racket, paddle.

BLADE - Wooden part of the bat.

BLOCK - A stroke executed very close to the table, often before the top of the bounce of the ball. The blocker angles the racket so the ball bounces back fast to the other side of the table.

CHOP - A heavy under-spin shot. A chop forces the ball to drop downwards when it hits the opponent's racket.

DRIVE - Also called a counter, counter-drive or smash.

DROP SHOT - Short placement, very close to the net.

DEUCE - When a game's score is 10-10, or even at any point after 10, such as 11-11, 12-12, 13-13, etc.

FLICK - A topspin or flat shot generated with speed and power close to the net using wrist action.

GAME - Each game is played to 11 points, unless a deuce occurs. There are "2 out of 3" games or "3 out of 5" or "5 out of 7" games per match.

GAME POINT - The determining point in a game.

ITTF - International Table Tennis Federation and the governing body of Table Tennis around the world.

LET - An interference in the game, such as a serve hitting the net or a distraction, which causes the point to be played over.

LOB - A particular shot used when a player is far back from the table in a defensive situation and the ball is lobbed high into the air as a return.

LOOP - An extreme topspin shot, when executed properly can curve in the air before it hits the table. The spin of the ball causes the ball to dive down onto the table and will "skip" taking sharp changes in direction. The ball, if retrieved by the opponent's racket, will jump off unpredictable. It can be delivered above, below, close to or far from the table.

MATCH - A match consists of "2 out of 3" or "3 out of 5" or "5 out of 7" games.

PADDLE - Racket, bat.

PIMPLED RUBBER - A type of single layer rubber with a pimple surface facing upwards and outwards.

PING PONG - The general public's reference to the game of Table Tennis or an American Table Tennis equipment trademark.

POINT - When an opponent or the other gets a score.

PUSH - An under-spin shot where the ball is literally pushed over or towards the net, close to the net. It is a passive shot used when it is impossible to attack the ball or used when trying to set up for a more aggressive shot.

RACKET - Paddle, bat.

RALLY - The period in which the ball is in play.

REGLUE - To reapply new rubber or speed glue new or existing rubber to the blade.

RUBBER - The rubber sheet portion of the racket.

SANDWICH RUBBER - Cellular rubber with a "sponge" layer, usually 1mm, 1.5mm, or 2.0mm.

SIDESPIN - A spin placed on the ball to allow it to curve left or right.

SPEED GLUE - A fast drying adhesive used to secure the rubber to the blade. When newly applied and wet, the glue penetrates the rubber, causing it to have more bounce and spin.

SPIN - Rotation of the ball.

TOPSPIN - Spin placed on the ball that makes the ball curve down into the table.

TWIRL - Turning the racket, usually in the middle of a serve or while the ball is in play, to confuse the opponent as to which type of rubber is being used at a specific time. Not as deceptive as it once was, because of the "two colour rubber" law.

TWO COLOUR RUBBER LAW - A table tennis law put into effect, namely using red rubber on one side of the racket and black rubber on the other side, so opponents will not be so confused and deceived.

UMPIRE - The appointed person that controls and oversees a match, used during tournament play.

TTA - Stands for "Table Tennis Australia", which is the ITTF-affiliated, governing body of the sport in Australia.