Key Access to Kingston Table Tennis Centre



Members of Table Tennis A.C.T. (TTACT) are to be issued with the Kingston Centre entrance key in accordance with this policy.


This Policy (or a relevant summary of it) is to be communicated to members via the TTACT website; or by other means of communication (email, Notice Board) when necessary.

Authorisation for Issue of Keys

Approval for issue of the entrance key to any member must be granted by the finance director, or their delegate.

Key to Entrance Door (Kingston Centre)

The following requirements are to be met before the allocation of a key to a member. The member:

  • must be a financial member of TTACT;
  • must have been a financial member of TTACT for at least 6 months; and
  • must have demonstrated that they are a trustworthy person, in terms of taking on the responsibilities of holding a key - Any previous breaches of key policy will be taken into account during this consideration.

Key Deposit

There is a monetary cost to TTACT to create and maintain a system of keys for the main door at the Kingston Centre.  

Members who are issued with a key to the front door of the Kingston Centre must pay a fee of $100.00, inclusive of a deposit of $75 which is refundable on return of the key to the centre manager. 

An Application using the TTACT Key Issue and return form for a Centre Key is to be completed and passed on to the centre manager for processing.

Exemptions from Payment

Board members and other nominated persons (Centre Manager, Competition Director, membership secretary, Grade Managers, seniors co-ordinator) who provide Table Tennis ACT with services and/or support are exempted from having to pay for their key. They will need to sign for the key on issue and they are to return the key to the Centre Manager when they vacate their position or duties.

Key Request process

Members to email centre manager at requesting the issue of the entrance key.  Once the request had been approved, the Centre Manager will respond to the member, requesting payment to the TTACT bank account.

Once the member has paid the money, they are then to organise a time with the centre manager to pick up and sign for the key and responsibilities.

If the key request is not approved the centre manager will seek to meet with the member to discuss the situation. If a member has been refused the issue of a key, they may email the TTACT board ( with any additional information, requesting reconsideration of the decision.

Responsibilities of Kingston Centre Entrance Key Holders

A key is only issued to those members who agree in writing that he/she will abide by the following rules.  A key holder must ensure that on his/her departure from the table tennis centre that:

  • all tables are covered;
  • all fans (main area and toilets) are switched off;
  • all lights (main area and toilets) are turned off;
  • all water taps are turned off;
  • all exit doors (including emergency exit door) are securely locked; and
  • If the key holder is not the last person to leave the table tennis centre, the key holder must designate a member to take on the above responsibilities and record it in the attendance register. If no one is able to take over the responsibilities then the remaining people must be asked to leave with the key holder. 

Any members with a key who do not maintain their membership for the new-year, must hand back the key to the Table Tennis ACT Centre Manager by the 15 February of that year. 

Note: Breaches of the above rules may lead to a withdrawal of the right to hold a key and if so, the member must return the key within one month of the breach.

Loss of Key
If a member loses his/her key, he/she will forfeit the $75.00 deposit to Table Tennis ACT to cover the administrative and general cost for a replacement key.

Key Register Instruction

An electronic Register of Keys is to be created and maintained by the Centre Manager. The register (spreadsheet) is to be updated to reflect any changes to individual key holders.  This will be generally through the issue or return of a key.

The formal record of the Issue and return of keys is the TTACT Key Issue and Return form. This form is to record the signature of the member and date of when the key is issued, and then the date and signature of a club official when the key is returned. 

The paper copies of the TTACT Key Issue and return form are to be maintained in a folder in the TTACT office by the centre manager.

During January of every New Year, the centre manager is to contact key holders who have not renewed their membership to recover TTACT keys.

The Register is to include:

  • name of person to which key is issued;
  • code number of key issued;
  • date of issue of key;
  • record of deposit amount paid, and date deposit paid, date of issue of key;
  • date of return of key; and
  • date of refund of deposit.